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Spiritual Partnerships

Updated: May 31

Spiritual Partnerships...

What is the concept of spiritual partners? And I'm speaking in the romantic sense here. Spiritual partners are relationships where you are committed to one another’s growth. That means that each party in the relationship will love, support, challenge, and encourage the other to be their best.

So many women are forfeiting this concept just for the sake of being in a relationship. If you do that, you’ll eventually find yourself unfulfilled, possibly even frustrated. One of the most miserable places a person can find themselves is in a relationship where you’re growing, challenging yourself, becoming more...and your partner isn’t.

Another aspect of spiritual partnerships, believe it or not, is FUN!! Our lives are unfolding in accordance with our belief system and the energy we carry. If you’ve hooked yourself to someone and they are a constant kill joy it will affect how your life unfolds. Negative people tend to attract the worst in life.

Why would you tie yourself to that?

Here’s where my initial point about being connected to someone who’s committed to your growth and development comes into play. Let’s say someone in the relationship has an issue with negativity. A spiritual partner will come alongside you, tell you that you’re not showing up in life as all that you can be. Negative mindsets hinder, limit your life experience, cause you to forfeit your destiny. Your partner has a responsibility to encourage you, create a safe space for you to grow and work through your process. Whether your negative mindset is a result of trauma, family conditioning or just mental laziness, a spiritual partner will have your back...loving you and encouraging you all the way until you become your absolute best!

There’s immense value to both partners when they want the best for one another and are committed to growth. As a couple you will be unstoppable.

Here’s my advice if you are age 30 or 60:

A) Find someone who is committed to their own growth process.


B) Is committed to yours.

That is the foundation of a spiritual partnership.

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