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Find Your Life Purpose

Updated: Apr 11

One of my greatest pleasures in life is in assisting people with finding their purpose or what I refer to as their life’s work. It is foundational to happiness and every person alive has an onus—a personal responsibility to find theirs.

Well, Tonya…why is this important?

On a surface level it’s important because it increases your overall happiness quotient. When you are doing work you love you’re excited to face the day, eager to meet challenges head on. When you’re not moving in your purpose, you’re simply banging out the day, winding through the drudgery in anticipation of the day’s end, only to get up and do the same thing the next day. All this wine drinking in the evenings, for many women, is because they aren’t moving in purpose. The mismatch speaks to you in being on edge, exhausted, feeling like something’s missing, needing something to cope. Going against the grain of who you are will suck the life right out of you.


And…can lead to illness. Your body is a complex system of emotions, energy, chemicals and it REQUIRES certain conditions to thrive. When they say stress is a killer they aren’t lying. Stress wreaks havoc on the body’s chemistry and really fouls up your hormones…the hormones that are responsible for everything in your body from sugar metabolism to your immune system. I’m personally convinced that underneath the unspeakable numbers of people being ravaged by disease in the US is the fact that scores of people are frustrated and working a job they hate day in and day out, completely disconnected from their purpose and what they came here to do. Been there, done that and got the trophy! Sick. Bad sick. A long time sick. The money I made wasn’t worth it. If I could go back I’d trade every non-essential thing I bought…the houses, the cars, the shoes, bags and clothes in exchange for making less money doing something I love. I would do it in a heartbeat.


Happiness can only be found when we say yes to OUR OWN life.


Another reason we MUST find our purpose or life’s work is because there are people whose destinies are directly tied to you. You agreed to come here…to fill a role. To serve a purpose. If you aren’t doing it that means other people can’t do theirs. You are needed, Friend, in this great cosmic and interconnected soup. As you move in purpose, you bless others with your gifts and they in turn are able to embark on their own path. What about the credit counselor that counsels someone on how to consolidate their debt and improve their credit score and that person goes on to start a business and send their kids to college? Could be, had they never found you, the destinies of several people would have been derailed. If you don’t fulfill your life plan, other people can’t fulfill theirs.


As it is right now, we’re all just running in circles like chicken with our heads cut off, miserable, often barely making ends meet. One of the tell tale signs of not moving in purpose is you are struggling to pay bills. It’s not always the case, sometimes it’s belief patterns etc, but pay attention if you’re struggling.


So, the work of your life is to find the work of your life. To figure out why you’re here. To know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the work you’re doing is contributing to the lives of others. To be in purpose is to offer your gifts in service to humanity.


Too few of us are doing that.


In part 2 I’m going to tell you how. Join my Facebook Group so you don't miss it:  


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