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A Taste of Love by Tonya Lampley, Fiction Author
Birthday Surprise by Tonya Lampley, Fictin Author
A guide to seeing the pitfalls when it comes to choosing a mate
A woman discovers true love in the only place it can be found...herself
A corporate baller finally meets her match in Daniel but all isn't what it appears
The blessings of midlife are often fraught with unforeseen challenges
A bittersweet journey of one man discovering what it truly means to be a man
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Reading...a lost art. Even I admit I don't read as much as I'd like to due to the fact that I work...a lot. And that's unfortunate because one of the beautiful things about reading is that it expands your mind. Not just in a figurative sense...of course we know that books can take us to places we've never been, but it also expands our mind in our brain capacity. Yep...reading is exercise for your brain. Studies have shown that avid readers, which I typically am, have greater processing capacity, stronger memories and in fact...they even live longer! So shame on me for not carving out the time like I used to.

I can honestly say that as I've gotten older, I've gotten smarter and I attribute that to being an avid reader and having a thirst for knowledge. books or someone else's, just make sure you're doing it. It keeps the brain nimble and if you pick up some facts along the way that will allow you to perp like you know stuff at your next dinner party, go right ahead. I ain't mad at all. 😉

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A Taste Of Love
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