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One careless night and a man's life changes forever...
Damon Harris wants to be a better man. He's married the ideal woman in hopes it might settle him down. But what do you do when you've married the perfect woman and you just can't find it in your heart to love her? What do you do when the woman you truly love has married someone else? And what do you do when, after making so many past mistakes, you make the biggest one of them all?

Indiscretion is a story of grief, loss, love and hope—and one man's journey to discovering what it truly means to be a man.

My Inspiration

Several factors typically result in me writing a book, but for Indiscretion the motive was a personal one. I was tired. Tired of looking around the world and seeing all these men misbehaving in relationships...treating women as property. Dishonoring and disrespecting them. I wanted the opportunity to show women, and men if they're courageous enough to read fiction by a woman, that there was a better way. I wanted to depict that it is possible to truly love. To treat women with honor and respect. Today's man is simply acting out of his own false conditioning.  Shaft, The Marlboro Man, James Bond, Prince. These so called icons all had one thing in common...they abused women.


Somehow in our brokenness as human beings that trait became one of the traits we ascribed to a 'true man.' I'm here to shatter the myth. Real men love. Real men honor and respect women. They are committed. Indiscretion was the beginning of my foray into that conversation. My non-fiction book Bad Men is the next step.

Portrait of Smiling Man


4.0 out of 5 stars Indiscretion

A couple of times I started to delete Indiscretion. i couldn't get into it Damon was really working my nerves. Glad I kept reading Indiscretion turned out to be one of my favorite reads of the year. If you find this slow and boring hang ON and I hope you will be happy you did.

5.0 out of 5 stars One night of fun leads to nights of despair

It's crazy how we spin the wheel of life. We throw caution to the wind and pray for the best until the best becomes the beast that bites us. This is a story of a one night stand that turns one man's life around. In some ways for the better, other ways not so much. Find out if he learns his lesson.

4.0 out of 5 stars Must read

This book open the eyes of grief, loss, love and hope through the character of Damon. I cried at times, I was disappointed (not in the writing but the character), I was inspired and encouraged. This book is a must read. I definitely recommend this book.


Let's get this over with, Carmen thought. She stood patiently as Cathy violently pushed open the doors to all the stalls to make sure they were alone. The taffeta bridesmaid dress swished vigorously as she moved. The doors knocked back and forth on their hinges.

She spun around and blasted Carmen. "Are you happy now? He’s yours." Mock riddled her tone and facial expression. "You’ve got the ring to prove it."

Carmen looked at her. Said nothing at first, then asked with a dismissive look, "Are you finished?"

Cathy folded her arms much like a teacher would when addressing a misbehaving child. "I don’t know why you were so hell bent on marrying him." She unfolded her arms and twisted her neck, "I mean he’s fine and all—"

Carmen’s heart sank at the implication. Cathy had accused Damon of not loving her. It was a conversation that rattled Carmen’s very soul and she refused to have it again. "Shut up, Cathy. This is not the time."

"It’s too late now. What’s done is done." Cathy shook her head. "But you remember this day." She squinted and released her words with an arctic chill. "You remember what I told you about him. He didn’t want to marry you. You know it, and I know it. And today just showed us how much we both were right."

Carmen gave Cathy a steely glare. "You’re jealous." She snarled. "You always have been. You man-less, inconsiderate, disgusting little witch!" How dare you try to ruin the best day of my life? Why did you even come?"

"I came here to try to support my only sister. I came here hoping I was wrong about him, but face it Carmen…," she shook her head, again, as if in disbelief, "he didn’t even want to come out of the room!" Her voice raised an octave. "He had locked the door…probably looking for an escape route. We had to call maintenance." Her look was pensive. "You don't find it odd that a man, who I knew was already dressed because I had seen him earlier, was late to his own wedding?"

Carmen lifted her nose to the air. "If you can’t be happy for me, you know what you can do."

"As a matter of fact," Cathy said with a jerk of her head, "I was just leaving." She spun on her heels, walked out of the bathroom and slammed the door. A few seconds later, Carmen heard the doors close in the front lobby. Her bridal party was now minus one.

Carmen stood still. The heat in her body finally registered. Seconds later, her eyes misted. She turned toward the mirror and noticed the flushness of her cheeks and cursed the sheen of sweat that was on her forehead. She snatched a paper towel from the dispenser and tried to blot her face without removing her makeup. Why would Cathy try to ruin her wedding day? Who did that to someone? Especially someone’s own sister. Sure, she would admit Damon never formally proposed, but she knew he cared for her. And sure, in the past, she would admit that at times he drank too much. He wasn't perfect, by a long shot, but he was trying hard to change. Cathy could never understand that. Every time a man showed some aspect of being human, of being made of flesh and bone, she ditched him. Carmen knew exactly what it took to make a man like Damon into the best husband a woman could have. In time, Cathy would see.

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