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A woman should be empowered in every area of her life...
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Soon I'll be releasing my new book titled Bad Men. My goal is to empower women in relationships; to give them permission to stand up for themselves, to have a voice and most importantly to see the red flags coming a mile away, saving them the agony of wasting time on Bad Men.

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including her relationships

My Inspiration

Every woman deserves a successful and satisfying partnership! She deserves to be be happy! In order for that to be a possibility, we must choose men who are worthy of our time and attention and who are worthy of the love we so freely give. It's imperative that we make better choices from the outset. This is the person you're going to be building a life with. I want women to be empowered to see the pitfalls BEFORE they've fully given their heart, mind and soul, saving them agony of falling in love with Bad Men.
Loving Couple


I’ll start by offering the reason behind this book. As a Life Coach, author, mentor, counselor and friend to many women, I noticed a pattern emerging. People would come to me with questions about their career or issues with their children, but there was one issue that stuck out to me. It kept returning time and time again...women struggle with relationships.


And for many, it went beyond just a basic struggle. Some were downright being abused or mistreated by men. I kept hearing stories of how women fought to maintain one sided relationships and were seemingly powerless, being radically dishonored by the men they loved. There were posts everywhere on social media of women lamenting...wishing things would be different, almost begging for their men to love them. Some were deeply wounded by the relationships they were in.

Seeing and hearing the stories of women everywhere was heartbreaking. These weren’t isolated incidents. It occurred to me that this was the NORM! I decided I had to speak out.

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