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Nobodys Fool

No shade and I'm supportive of anyone who is generating success for themselves but I don't get the fascination with Tiffany Haddish. Perhaps it's because I'm older but I went to see Nobody's Fool over the weekend and I wish I'd left at the very beginning of it. I stayed because I wanted to be supportive of African Americans in entertainment...and I regretted it. It was raucous and vulgar. The use of the N-word and the P-word was excessive and completely unnecessary. Nobody that I know talks like that. I don't fault either Tiffany Haddish or Tyler Perry. They didn't create the system, they're just capitalizing on it. Our appetite for negative forms of entertainment as a whole society has reached fever pitch. They are giving the people what they want. As human beings we have to demand better. And let it be stated that Tiffany Haddish is not a representation of who African American women are. She has missed an opportunity to display African American women in a positive light as a business woman but I think all of that gets overshadowed in the expletives, loud talk, flailing arms etc. Sad thing is that she'd probably never have crossover appeal if she didn't reflect the stereotype that we as black women are all working to overcome. I don't want to tear her down and any representation of minorities in the media is good, but I fear this kind of representation is more harmful than helpful.

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