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Up your immune game...

Okay so here's what's not being said in mainstream media and by the medical community...Vitamin D is one of the most potent immunity regulators on the planet. It seems everywhere you look, people are contracting things, HPV, tuberculosis...all kinds of nasty things. A simple google search on vitamin D and you will see that the risk of contraction increases substantially if your vitamin D levels are low.

If you are young, have young people in your family, have multiple sex partners...HPV is the HIV for this generation and it causes both cervical and anal cancers (If you're into that). Vitamin D status determines how likely you are to contract the virus from an infected person. If your levels are high, your risk goes down (It doesn't eliminate risk. You still need to use precaution). True for a lot of other stuff too.

If you don't feel comfortable taking a supplement, sit on the back porch or by the pool for a while in some shorts and a tank top and soak up some rays while you read a good book 😉.

Here's a link to see if you could be low...


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