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On the path to your full potential...embrace oneness

As human beings we have a fundamental need to belong. That causes us to ‘self sort’ into groups and proudly declare who and what we are. I’m a Republican, LBGTQ, Humanist, Spiritualist, Southerner, Northerner, Black Woman, Pan African, Christian. Whatever.

All of these things are true and we should relish and celebrate our identity. It gives us the sense of belonging we all crave.

But you are more than the ‘self sort.’ You are a Blessed being, part of the entire Universe. Made in the image and a fragment of the Creator. You exist as an important part of Creation.

So does everyone else.

If you have reverence for God, you have reverence for what He has made. The Black person, the White person, the Christian, the lesbian, the Jew. No matter the group you find affinity with, you cannot disconnect yourself from the larger notion of all that is. Whether Democrat, Independent, Latino, Catholic or any other group to which we belong, we exist as part of this grand whole. The magnificent symphony of existence. All the parts are equal, necessary and have a role to play.

In denying that fact you inflict a sort of self harm. You separate yourself from the very source from whence you came and make false enemies of your allies…those you are in partnership with in the creation of Life.

Today, acknowledge your connection, your beauty, your oneness with everything that exists. The tree, the squirrel, your neighbors and co-workers, your political and ideological adversaries. More hope, blessing, and opportunity are available to you as you extend your boundary beyond your label. Embrace life in all forms. Recognize all things, including yourself, as an equal and important part of creation. Do your part to sustain the whole of it. Be careful to add instead of subtracting. In that way you grow beyond your boundaries, lean further into your true self and help make the world a better place.

To your journey,

Be empowered in your relationships. Bad Men The Book is coming soon. Stay tuned for details and get connected to stay updated on all the things I have in store. It's gonna' be good 😉.

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