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Sisterhood: Hands off married men

The Sisterhood is Sacred

As women we deal with so many burdens in daily life; single parenting, abuse, aging, sex discrimination, wage disparity, glass ceilings, reproductive rights, caretaking, violence. We can add infidelity to the list of burdens we carry. We either know someone, have experienced it ourselves or fear we will one day. It behooves us as women to recognize the struggle is real for all of us. If you're black the struggle is even harder because we have to consider things like, ‘will my God given hair texture keep me from getting a good job?’ And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. In lieu of that, we must make a vow. "I will only uplift and support my sisters. I will not do anything that will my make my sister's life any more difficult than it already is," including disparaging her, sleeping with her husband or anything else that will harm her.

Women who sleep with married men are not only selfish, but they dishonor themselves. To willfully allow yourself to be shared and to allow a man to place you below anything and not make YOU the priority comes down to a question of self love. Women who love themselves refuse to be second to anything. They will only engage in relationships in which a man's energy and attention is solely on them. We have to get a clearer view of who we are and begin to understand our own worthiness. As we elevate our view of ourself, we attract a man who is worthy of our time and attention. If you are a mistress or a sidepiece etc...what does that say about the way you see yourSELF?

In order to get the best, we have to be the best. We have a responsibility to treat all human beings with dignity, kindness and respect whether man or woman. That is what the universe honors. When we live in that way, we can anticipate a life that is fruitful and open to receive blessings. And we also attract the best that life has to offer...including a man who puts you first.


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