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Prepare For Your Comeback!

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It is easier, I suppose, to sit back and wallow in the trauma of past events.


We’ve all had them. Maybe you had the misfortune of being born to parents who were abusive or addicted. Maybe you are a child of divorce or maybe even divorced yourself. Maybe you experienced financial ruin or some other embarrassing moment.

None of us escape this thing called life. If you live long enough, eventually, some unwanted experience is going to happen.

Our ego, which is a portion of our psyche, gets us into all kinds of trouble in that it tries to tell us that we are what we experience. We will say things to ourselves like, “I am ruined.”  Our power comes in understanding that each of us is beyond just our ego and what it tells us. We are beyond the tape it plays that says we are unworthy or we’ll never come back from what HAS happened to us. Strength comes when we recognize that the ego, who takes defeat personally, is not the ruler of our lives. We need it. It’s our persona--the collective thoughts, ideas and actions that tell us what we are. But it’s only a partial glimpse. I am beyond “Tonya.” I am soul. I am spirit. I am essence. And knowing that gives me the power to silence the ego and begin again.


You are not what happens to you. You are living life…and life happens. The beauty of the human experience is growing from the lessons we learn. Each day is an opportunity to begin again. Become the artist staring at a blank canvas. Paint the picture as you wish to see it. Hold it in your mind and every day flow your energy toward it.


You are not what happens to you. You are what you choose to become.

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