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Prayers for Jennifer Dulos

My heart goes out to Jennifer Dulos and her family. The unfortunate thing about a patriarchal society is that a woman's life has little value. To think she may have been killed simply because her husband wanted another woman.

I'm sick of men with no self control. Fed up with the playground women have made for men by being weak for them, letting them get away with beating us, cheating on us, lying down with them when we know they are married.

It's time for change. are not Gods. You will not die without one. Stop lowering your standards for them. I think of Cardi B and Offset. Sad. That man will leave her with nothing but a broken heart and that court case she's fighting for assaulting his MISTRESS. She deserves better. Same with Tristan Thompson and Kourtney Kardashian...that man was photographed with his face in a woman's breasts while she was in labor. Weak.

It's been too long. Men need to grow up and women need to love themselves more. If it's not Trump grabbing crotches and raping women, it's countless other men who have violated women in some capacity. The weak, immature ones. The lowlifes with no self control.

Ladies...when you see the red flags, abort the mission. If he disrespects you, if he looks at other women, if he raises his hand, if he ignores you, if he is mean to your yourself enough to GET OUT. If you don't I assure you, you will regret it later.


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