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Coronavirus: Best Defense is a Good Offense

Hey peeps!

Wanted to jump in with a quick note. So excited that the data is coming in regarding Vitamin D being good for coronavirus. Most people, especially brown skin people are low which would explain why Latino and African Americans are being affected more adversely. Melanin rich skin produces less vitamin D. Experts vary in their recommendations but most I've seen recommend between 2,000 and 5,000 IU's. It is a low risk supplement but no supplement is without any risk. If you are concerned, have your doctor check your blood levels for vitamin D. Additionally, the body requires magnesium to absorb vitamin D. Look for a combination supplement or increase your intake of magnesium rich foods...nuts, leafy greens, chocolate 😋. You can also find a multivitamin with magnesium and vitamin D (we all need one of those) or spend some time in the sun every day...because...why not?

Share this article with people you know. We can't wait on politicians who practice self-interest politics to save us.

We must save ourselves.


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