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A few tips to take charge of your health!

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

Hey Fam!

Just wanted to hit you with a quick little note of some annoying ailments and their root causes.

Let me start by saying the body is a miracle. It has a consciousness of it's own. How else do you lie in bed asleep all night, without any awareness and your heart continues to pump blood, your brain still works, and you still breathe?

But...many of us are without the nutrients required to make sure the body can perform it's processes EFFICIENTLY. It will often make do with what you give it but if you want optimal health you have to give the body a robust supply of what it needs...vitamins and minerals. Every single one is tied to a key function in the body. I learned this hard way when some key nutrients simply ran out and I got deficient. It triggered a health crisis I'm still managing the effects of years later 🙄. Don't let it happen to you.

Due to modern farming practices. our food supply has almost zero nutritional value. Have you noticed how quickly things spoil nowadays. That's because it has no anti-oxidants...vitamins A, C and E. And our bodies depend on those anti-oxidants for health and vitality. If the lettuce spoiled in two days you best believe when you ate offered you very little in terms of nutrition.

There's a simple solution. Thanks to modern technology they've put all that stuff in a pill. It's not as good as the way God intended it, but it's better than nothing. An orange will always be better than a Vitamin C capsule because it contains other elements that are good for the body...potassium, beta carotene, bio-flavonoids, fiber. I haven't given up on food and I buy organic wherever possible since it's produced in a way that should maintain more of the nutrients, but I use supplements as my guarantee.

Here's what you need from all of this. If you are struggling with any of these common ailments, you are possibly deficient and a supplement might help. I suggest starting with a good non-acidic multivitamin that contains calcium, magnesium and potassium. I'm not one for taking a lot of supplements individually unless you study them out. Nutrients must remain in proper balance. Companies who make multivitamins have taken a lot of the guesswork out of it for you. Find a popular one with a lot of good reviews. That way you know it works.

I'll list the foods below just in case that's your preference. If you're diligent enough to eat the foods, start there, but if you have a serious deficiency it's easier to raise it with a supplement or multivitamin. If you can afford organic, it's always a better option.

✅ Magnesium:

Allergies, constipation, insomnia, tooth decay, muscle aches, incontinence, stiffness, PMS, heavy periods, heart issues, sugar imbalances, thinning hair, imbalances. just about any ailment you got.

Sources: leafy greens, almonds and other nuts, buckwheat, quinoa, spelt and other whole grains, chocolate.

✅ Calcium:

Gum Issues, brittle nails, tooth decay, thinning hair, heartburn.

Sources: Calcium is so easy to get from cheese, ice cream, cottage cheese, yogurt. Usually supplementation isn't necessary.

✅ Vitamin K

Tooth tartar, hardening of arteries, heavy bleeding, tooth decay

Sources: Leafy greens, hard cheeses, cottage cheese and yogurt contain minimal amounts

✅ Omega 3

Super important. Your body can't make this and it's required.

High cholesterol, autoimmune disorders, heart issues, brain fog, nervousness and anxiety

Sources: Fish, Flaxseed, Chia seeds, Hemp

✅ Vitamin D

Frequent colds, flu and VIRUSES, broken bones, thinning hair and nails, autoimmune disorders

Sources: Sunlight, enriched foods

✅ Potassium

Shortness of breath, heartburn, muscle cramps, Charlie horses, thirst, fatigue

Sources: Fruits and vegetables, especially potatoes, beans

✅ B Vitamins

Nervousness, stress, fatigue, thinning hair and nails, low energy, numbness and tingling

Source: Whole grains, chlorella, avocados, nutritional yeast

✅ Chromium

Blood sugar imbalances

Sources: Leafy greens, broccoli, grape juice, whole grains

✅ Iodine

Breast cysts, breast pain, weight gain, cold hands and feet, fatigue

Sources: Kelp, seafood, eggs, salt

Again, a good multivitamin will cover you. Make sure it has the nutrients you need at 100% RDA. If you feel you require amounts beyond what a multivitamin offers, research it thoroughly before taking an additional supplement. When in doubt talk it over with your doctor.

To your health,


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