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Your Peace Is Your Power

In our current times it's easy to get outraged. We could easily remain upset the entire day over something.

But your peace is your power. Our very nature is one of Creator. Every thought that we send out has energy. Send out enough thoughts on a particular subject and they begin to coalesce. As they coalesce, they begin to manifest.

Here's why peace is important. As you send out thoughts that are loving, uplifting etc they begin to coalesce and eventually manifest into things that are the same energy...abundance, good relationships, new jobs etc.

As you send out corrupt thoughts, they begin to manifest as 'dark' being broke, ill health, accidents, bad luck.


When you see something, and you're tempted to get upset, remind yourself it's not worth it. You are a Creator through and through. The process is happening whether you're conscious or not. Might as well be intentional about it.

When everyone else is mad at the world...flow in joy. Remain in peace. Send out positive vibes and let those positive vibes bring good things back to you.

To your journey,

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