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Why Inner Work is Imperative...

I was working with someone the other day. She's in upper management and having difficulty with the way she's treated at work. People tend to pawn work off on her or not ask her permission for things. She's frustrated to say the least. The temptation is to always solve issues like this externally. You want to go to the person, put your foot down etc. But lasting change is always done INSIDE. What we experience in life is a direct reflection of who we are. Even closer, who we think we are. People treat you according to the way you see yourself. Once you change your view of yourself, and it can take a little time and work to accomplish this, everything around you looks different. We've all seen the 'bitch' at work who everyone's afraid of. To ask a simple question fills people with dread. That person's a menace of course, but let's use her for this illustration. The reason why no one crosses her is because of who she believes herself to be. The view she holds of herself causes everyone else to behave accordingly. The work for each of us is to examine our beliefs about ourself. Get to the bedrock of your personal image and begin reconstructing it if necessary. Your value is given to you by birth. No one has the right to dishonor you. How much you believe that will show up in your daily interactions...not just work. #LifeCoach #Career #PersonalDevelopment #SelfImprovement #Mindset #SelfLove #Worthiness #SelfEsteem

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