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What destiny looks like

Whoo Baby!

Where do I begin with this one?! This is one of the most incredible stories I’ve heard in a long time. As a student of what it means to be a human being, human potential, destiny, spirituality…stories like these both teach and inspire me. If you have some time to spare, the video at the bottom of the page is worth a watch.

I’ll give some details as to why this story impacted me so much. Isaac Wright Jr. embodies the best of being human. He was born with a talent (as we all are), “lucky” enough to discover it, diligent enough to nurture it, committed to serving humanity with it and astute enough to understand his spiritual nature…acknowledging that while he did everything he could do within his human capacity, he was also divinely guided. In that sense, as the great master and teacher Jesus said, we are both God and man. We should be diligent with our action but guided by and connected to spirit.

His story appears unique simply because most of us don’t have the insight or blueprint required to master our lives. We have no understanding of human potential or destiny. Very little understanding of the spiritual aspect of being human. We don’t teach it to our children, talk about it with our friends. So in that sense, he was “unique,” in that he was able to tap into his true self and ride the wave of destiny. But he shouldn’t be. It should be all of our life’s work to find what he’s found, root ourselves deeply in it and use it to serve humanity. Here are some things I noticed that he’s mastered. As we incorporate more of these qualities into our own lives we become more intentional about our human experience.

  1. Discovery of his gifts

  2. The will to master his talent

  3. The desire to serve others with his gift

  4. Attention to detail

  5. Character and morality

  6. Mastering fear

  7. Rising above emotions

  8. Faith

  9. Fierce commitment

  10. Diligence

  11. Spirituality

I hope in watching his story below, you will be inspired to peel back the cover on your own life. Have you been living intentionally? Have you wondered what would be possible if you reached just beyond your reach? It is often desperation, do or die, having no other option available, that forces us to find out who we truly are. My own rebirth has been trial by fire. It's because we lack intention, knowledge, understanding, and know how. Wouldn't it be great if we had more information? A blueprint to follow so that we could make the shift from struggle to a life of ease and grace? And that’s the reason why I'm here. Make sure you get connected as I begin to reveal everything I've learned on my journey to living with intention and creating a more satisfying life.

Stay tuned….

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