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Time to leave all that $#!+ behind...

How many times have each of us said these words or similar ones. I know I have. Many times. But here lately, there's a bit more resolve when I say it. Each day I lean further and further into my true self, I grow stronger in my convictions about who I am and how I want to live. I want stronger and deeper relationships, I want to be more grounded and steadfast in my purpose, I want a life that is filled with joy. So when these words came to me today, I could tell something had changed. The words felt different than they'd had when I'd spoken them in the past. It no longer felt casual. A determination was there. I've finally realized that not having the life I want is no longer an option. I am truly willing to do whatever it takes . You have to make a commitment to yourself; even be willing to sacrifice...people, habits, your own comfort. You can't be mealy-mouthed about it, can't be double minded. You really have to be willing to do whatever it takes. And it the end of the day, why wouldn't you? Don't you deserve it?


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