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The problem with envy...

This post was posted on Twitter by Steve Harvey. It's simple yet profound. People who never celebrate the accomplishments of others have a couple things going on.

One...they have a scarcity mentality. They believe that there's not enough abundance to go around, so if YOU get an opportunity that means there's less for other people. They see the world in terms of having to fight and scratch for what they get, which is simply not true. What's for you is for you. The Universe is bountiful. It's holding good for all of us, waiting for us to show up and claim what's ours. And we do that by first believing good things are possible for us and then transforming ourselves into the persona of someone who receives good things. 😉

Secondly, they're jealous. Envy is detrimental to the soul. Not only is it a reflection of scarcity mentality, it's a reflection of someone who is lacking in love. Love is the most powerful energy in the universe. To withhold love and live in a contracted way, robs you of the fullness of everything life has to offer. The simple act of living in a state of love will have a profoundly positive effect on your life and set you up to receive good things.

Third, we live in an energetic universe. What you put out you get back. As you bless, praise, help and extend grace to others it will be returned to you. If all you're putting out is nasty...Well, then, meet your new friend.

The next time you see someone thriving, celebrate their success, knowing the universe is abundant. As you do, you acknowledge the same is possible for you.

To your Journey,


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