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Taming of the Shrew

There are various personality types in the human population. Some prefer fun and adventure. Some are more cautious and deliberate (I’m here 😉). Some prefer order and structure, and there are those who move through the world with power.

All personalities need to grow and move toward their highest and best. For example, the cautious and deliberate can tend toward fear and anxiety if they aren’t careful and balanced. The fun and adventurous can get into accidents or not have enough discipline to accomplish very much. The orderly and structured can sometimes be too rigid and thwart forward motion and progress. And the powerful…let’s just say, “When you’re a hammer, everything’s a nail.” This particular group are the ones running roughshod over people’s opinions and ideas. They feel that only what they think matters and can easily create enemies. The power people are usually the culprits when someone tells you a family member told them not to come back to their house over politics or the religious zealots who try to impose their beliefs on abortion, gay rights etc on everyone else. And if you have these personality types as family members my thoughts and prayers are with you this coming Thanksgiving. 🤪

Growth is a powerful thing. We all come here with the mission to develop ourselves, and that involves taming our personality and mastering our negative traits. If you are fearful, God wants you to overcome that. If you lack discipline…same thing. The purpose of life is to examine ourselves and to see what we need to balance. Do we need to be more loving or assertive? Could we loosen up a bit and enjoy life more? Are we enjoying life a bit too much and shirking responsibility? As we balance our personality we become freer, more impactful, happier, richer…you get my point.

The price we pay for our human existence is growth. To the extent we are cultivating, shedding and working on ourselves, we get to enjoy the fullness of life.

What’s plaguing you about your personality? If you take the time to listen and be willing to hear, it’s obvious. The reason you know is because it’s costing you. Are you too rigid? Too fearful? Lack discipline? A jerk? To the unwilling, the fault will lie everywhere else, but those who are ready to hear and want change will gladly take accountability and accept the challenge to become their highest and best.

And God wants that for all of us.

To Your Journey,

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