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Respect Your Individuality: Find Your Tribe

One of the tragedies of modern times is that we no longer have respect for individuality. We live in a world that is rooted in the concept of conformity. On one hand, we dull our shine and try to fit in so that people feel more comfortable in our presence. Then on the other, we spend our time trying to get people to conform to who and what we are, what we believe, expending time and energy demanding people take the same actions we would take...whether politics, religion, the cars we drive or how we do our jobs. As you look around, the environment is such that everyone is trying to convince everyone else.

Wouldn’t it be great if each of us had the privilege to show up in the world exactly as we are?

You do. You just haven’t believed it up until now. You have the power to decide for yourself who and what your life is.

And life gets better when you do.

Instead of expending energy denying yourself the luxury of showing up in the world exactly the way God created you, and even more energy trying to convince those who don’t share your same ideals and belief…find your tribe.

Stand firmly in who you are and find people who share similar views and connect with them. The journey is much sweeter when your life is a direct reflection of who you are.

I call this living in Alignment, and it’s one of the keys to finding happiness in life. Build your life around things that resonate with you, including your job, your relationships, the car you drive, where you live. We waste precious energy trying to maintain a connection to things that aren't in congruence with who we are.

If you would like to hear more about this thing called alignment and the benefit of living as your true self, here are 2 episodes from my podcast Saturday Morning Chats:

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