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Reap the benefits of staying positive...

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

These can be scary times. Many people don't know how they're going to pay bills or if they'll find another job (My thoughts and prayers are with everyone in that situation). People are disconnected from friends and loved ones. Loneliness is setting in. But these times can also be times of reinvention. Sounds corny and cliche but it really does pay to see the glass half full and look for the opportunity in the crisis. Not just for pollyanna reasons...brain research has proven that when you are facing a crisis and you view it as a challenge as opposed to getting down on yourself and feeling like a victim, different areas of the brain are activated. Those who view challenges as welcome or a natural part of existence have greater access to parts of the brain responsible for problem solving and creativity than those who stay stuck in victimhood.

Not the easiest to make the switch but if you can, the benefits are well worth it.

Here's some tips to help shift you if you're feeling down:

1) Music. Our body and mind are inherently responsive to sound. Put on your favorite song. Something that reminds you of who you are and what you're capable of. I have a friend who turns to Eminem when she needs to find her inner dragon. If I put on a little Lauren Hill I feel like I can move a mountain. Classical musical has the ability to rewire the brain so that more channels to creativity are open. If you can get your hands on Beethoven 5, specific research has been done on that piece. It has even been used to help treat Alzheimer's and PTSD. I use it when I'm writing or need to get my creative juices flowing. Here's an article that discusses the benefits of listening to classical music.

2) Watch a funny or uplifting movie. Netflix or Amazon comedy specials work as well. Anything to distract you from the pain and fear. Interrupting the pattern creates space to replace it with something different. You can then focus on positive thoughts ie, nothing lasts forever, I've made it this far in life, I'm still the same capable person I was before this happened. Once the pattern gets interrupted, changing your mindset gets a little easier.

3) Go for a brisk walk or some other form of physical activity. Ever noticed that after a walk, whatever was really bothering you doesn't seem as bad as it did before you donned your sneakers? Whenever I'm coaching someone that deals with depression or even real bad anxiety I tell them to get moving. Changing your physiology...flooding your brain with endorphins allows you to shift your thoughts to a more positive state.

4) And my new personal favorite...meditation. Meditation has completely altered the person that I am. I rarely obsess or ruminate over things like I did in the past. It rewires your brain to exist in a state of calm. You have not only greater access to peace but greater problem solving after meditating. If you can become a regular meditator, you'll naturally exist in a state that will make this entire blog post futile 🙂. There are apps like Calm and even free guided meditations on youtube to get you started. Find one that resonates with you. You'll be more likely to stick to it.

It's so easy to be conquered by our circumstances but there are so many benefits to remaining positive. We live in a vibrational universe. As a close friend always reminds me...What you seek is seeking you. Good luck, better opportunities exist on a higher energy level. If you can match it, you'll have much easier access to it.

To your journey


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