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Is Covid really over?

Who’s still reticent about Covid?


While some people have moved on with life and are pretty much back to their pre-Covid selves, I still approach the pandemic with a lot of caution. For one, it’s a novel virus. We have no idea what ten years from now looks like for people who’ve had it multiple times. And it’s not like a flu at all. It causes organ damage. Brain, heart, lungs, kidney. The things you need to stay alive.

Second, I see so many people in my Twitter feed daily, many of whom I try to give health and diet advice, that are severely ill. They contracted Covid at one point and never recovered or they got sick after their 2nd, 3rd, or 4th infection. Many of them are bedridden, can’t work. Losing spouses, jobs, homes.

It’s both terrifying and sad.

Not sure why the White House is so silent about it or why we don’t hear anything on the news but Long Covid is real. I see and communicate with people on a regular basis who are running out of hope they will ever be well. One woman commented…“I wish Covid would have killed me.”


For those reasons I view it with a healthy level of respect. For me, it’s not over yet. And while I trust the Universe when it comes to my ultimate destiny I understand I’m still human and that our human experience is based on ‘choice’ and ‘consequence.’ It’s what is often referred to as Karma. And I don’t mess with it.

I divide people into two categories. There are the Experiencers who love experiencing life. They love food and sex and adventure. And then there are those I refer to as the Reflectors. Who find less value in external things. The larger questions about life is where they find their fun. They’d rather turn inward and have a conversation about something deep than be out in a crowd where people are talking loud and they can’t hear themselves think. The outside world doesn’t excite them as much. I find my home in this group.

Of course, there’s no judgment. It takes all kinds of people for God’s creation to function. Just know, someone might not see the pandemic exactly the way you do. If someone wants to be out partying or if someone else says they want to stay inside. Leave ‘em be. Let people be stewards of their own life.

But if you are an Experiencer, please protect yourself. You’ll never see it on the news but the pandemic is not over. In fact, the numbers are very high right now and there’s a new variant on its way that’s already wreaking havoc overseas. Wear your n95’s or kn95’s. Take a multivitamin with zinc, vitamin C, vitamin d, and a probiotic since we now know immunity begins in the gut.

And if you’re looking for extra protection when at work or visiting friends, Far UV-C is the newest tech on the horizon. None of these in and of themselves offer complete protection but every layer helps. If you do purchase a Far UV-C lamp make sure it’s 222nm wavelength to make sure it’s safe for eyes and skin.

This is the one I purchased.

But there are others. Even personal hepa air purifiers will add an extra layer of protection on your travels.

To your journey,



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