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Girlfriend Check-in

Consider this a check-in. I've been insanely busy the past several weeks and just recently started a YouTube channel. Wasn't ready, but are we ever? Don't we just keep putting things off, waiting for the perfect time? Newsflash, the time will never be perfect. The nature of life is to move. If we don't move with it, we get left behind.

Here's a little update on me. I'm finally getting settled in. The house is coming along although there's still so much I need to do. I need area rugs. I need a bin to separate meat from veggies in the freezer. I hear doom music, like you hear in the movies, every time I open the freezer and notice the salmon is precariously close to the ice cubes. Tell me what you do below. I did manage to order a bike since I'm not as active as I was pre-covid and I gained a considerable amount of weight. And, sadly, most of my cute clothes are still in a box somewhere.

So that's where I'm at. What about you? Are you okay? If you're in the midst of a sea, be reminded that life is about seasons. Sometimes things are quiet, sometimes, like for me, insanely busy. The trick to all of it is to maintain your stride, your joy, your sanity. You do that by always making yourself and your mental stability a priority. If you give 100% to every area all the time it can leave you feeling depleted. Know your limits. Sometimes the priority can only be work and family, especially if you have small kids or an aging parent, and your friends may feel neglected for a short period. Sometimes it's work and health. If a doctor tells you that you need to lose weight, for example, a lot of your time might be spent at the gym and doing meal prep or learning about diet and exercise. For some the season’s priority is school. I know several people in masters and Phd programs. It's okay to admit you have some limitations. Take off your cape and just do the best you can. Leave the boxes packed if you have to, skip the gym, ignore unimportant calls. Maintain your peace and ride the wave until it's over. If you're committed to making yourself a priority, you'll find your balance once again. It's all a part of the journey.

And If you haven't visited my youtube channel yet, here's my latest episode on the true nature of relationships. It's not what you think. 😉 Don't forget to like and subscribe!

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Tonya Lampley is an author and Certified Life Coach. She is passionate about living life to the fullest and uses skills learned from her work as a coach as well as lessons from her own journey to write articles providing tips for successful living and to tell stories of hope and personal triumph. Her debut novel was titled A Taste of Love and was a National Indie Excellence Awards finalist. Her short story titled Birthday Surprise received honorable mention in the Writer's Digest Short Story Contest. Her first non-fiction book Bad Men will soon be released. For more information about Tonya and her works please visit


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