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Celebrating Moms

Updated: May 7, 2021

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. First I’ll start by wishing all mothers a Happy Mother’s Day. Daily I watch you, hold it down, do the unthinkable and make it look easy. You have my respect. I took the easy way out, opting not to bear children, knowing it required something I wasn’t capable of…I know my limits, Lol. Even as a child I recognized that making people was serious business.

So I decided not to have children of my own. My sister had an entire brood. I watched her, and all my friends and family who were moms give sacrificially, almost until they had nothing left; reserves always kicking in at the very last minute, allowing them to give, do and be more. Performing small miracles every day; making food stretch, finding extra money just in the nick of time, up all night with a vomiting toddler and still making it to work the next morning. Do or die is their motto. A mom in a crisis can put a Navy Seal to shame. They are the definition of human strength and they never receive the credit they deserve. If the job were left to men, there would be few people on the planet.

These tiny human forms come here…eyes wide open, blank slates, looking to the first person they lay eyes on to help them make sense of the world. To teach them what it means to be a human. To develop them mentally, protect them physically, ground them emotionally. They watch their mom’s every move so that they know how to human…how to make the process work.

Incredible task, it is, to balance your responsibility with your own fear. Am I protecting them too much? Am I too hard on them? Should I keep them close and safe with me or do I let them navigate the world risking the chance they may not come back…an accident, or creepy guy in a van could snatch them from me forever.

It’s not easy. And even though you think you need to know all the answers…you don’t. It’s impossible. Take it easy on yourself. Your best is enough. And most importantly, know the majority of learning that takes place with children comes from simply watching how you live YOUR life, so live authentically. Find your truest and highest version of yourself and put that on display for your little ones…or big ones (since many of my followers are approaching midlife) to learn from. That’s the most foolproof way to raise great kids. In doing so you give them power, freedom, and the gift of self acceptance which is the foundation on which they can build a great life.

So I wanted to take a moment and offer praise to you all and a little advice since that’s why I’m here. I want you to know that we see you, we admire you and we are proud. Hat’s off to those who offer themselves sacrificially to God to be a channel of souls. It's one of the most worthy endeavors I can think of. Sacred and holy. Trust yourself, practice radical self love, have faith in the journey. Be you...loud, proud and on display. They will learn.

And I’ll leave you with this segment of Red Table Talk, which in and of itself is a beautiful tribute to mothers, but when Willow Smith Surprises her mother Jada Pinkett Smith around the 28 minute mark I WAS DONE! 😭. So Touching!!

Enjoy your day. Remember to celebrate yourself Queen. You deserve it!

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