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Blessed In The New Year

Happy New Year!

Are you all excited about the New Year! I know I am. I’m determined to make this year the best thus far and that means shedding old habits.

This year was a little odd for me. There were some goals I set that I made progress on, so I’m satisfied with that. I’ve had some issues with my health return, (bummer) but I’m managing well. This is the year I plan to be rid of them for good. Whatever it takes, right?

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The virus is still here, steal wreaking havoc so that’s hampered my progress a little. I admit, I’m leery of SarsCov2 since I’ve seen too many vaccinated people whose lives have been destroyed by the virus. Don’t let the nonchalance of government fool you into thinking you’re 100% safe. You’re not. In my Twitter feed every day I see people who are too sick to work, lost homes and cars. With every infection your risk of Long Covid increases. It’s a debilitating illness and I have enough to deal with already, so I chose to lay low this year. Again, everyone, please be careful out there. This next variant is vaccine evasive.

The highlight of my year was the growth I’ve done. I continued to cull my relationships, leaving me with only the most sacred. People who honor and respect who I am, who can disagree with harmony, who are committed to their own growth process and it’s one of the smartest things I’ve done. Fussing and arguing with people in the name of ‘love’ robs us of precious energy, emotional stability, our health. That energy can be used to create something good in the world. I beg you…be a good steward of your energy. And if you are a person who thrives on chaos and contention, and are sewing strife in the lives of others, the best gift you can give to yourself and others is to stop.

I’m sharing an exercise with you. I hope you will consider it. It's what I call My 4 Commitments. It’s an exercise I do every year. I pick 4 words and work on incorporating those qualities into my life. For 2022 my words were Gratitude, Discipline, Faith and Grace. I made great progress with those four and I will continue moving in the flow of those commitments as I add in the next four for 2023. Funny note: I told my husband that I intended to forgo all profanity in the new year and his words were, “I don’t think you can, profanity is your love language.” That let me know I seriously need to let it go in 2023.

Time to close the chapter on last year. I’m so excited about the new year, the new challenges, and my 4 new commitments which I’ll share in another post. This one’s getting long. I’d love to hear yours.

What’s your new flow for the year? Drop it in the comments. Let’s support one another any way we can.

And if you want a detailed outline of my 4 Commitments process, <click here>

Let's claim blessings in the New Year!

Let's Get It!

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