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An Overlooked Cause of Dementia

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

There’s been a rise in dementia related illness. Loss of memory, lower cognition etc. Data is now coming forward to indicate that in some cases, even with Alzheimer’s, the cause is spirochetes.

What are spirochetes? They are a form of nasty bacteria that live in the environment. If you’ve ever had gum disease, more times than not, a spirochete was the trigger. Could still be lurking in your body.

I posted previously about gum disease. The danger is that the spirochetes bore deeper into the gum socket and access the blood stream. From there they can spread to the heart and do damage. We kinda’ already knew about the heart. Now, they know they can also spread to the brain and do damage. This could explain the rise in Alzheimer’s and dementia we’re seeing.

Our lives have changed. We are under way more stress now which tamps down our immune system. Our food isn’t as nutritious. We don’t go out in the sun or do dairy these days because the medical community has unfortunately told us those things are bad for us. (They aren’t. Just be smart). All this has led to the majority of us being critically low in vitamin D which is fuel for our immune system.

The bottom line is our immune systems aren’t operating like they should. When you encounter these spirochete bacteria they are able to get a foothold in the body and start to shut down the normal metabolic processes that keep us healthy.

How do they get in the body?

Breathing. Talking. Opening our mouth. Being in the presence of other people who are infected.

One thing the pandemic taught us is that when we are talking to people, there is an invisible spewing of saliva and microscopic particles coming out of their mouths. The scientific name is fomites. If we can inhale Covid, we can also inhale any other nasty thing they have in their throat and mouth. Peak immunity prevents it from being a problem…but many of us don’t have peak immunity.

Pets are another source of infection. A dog let out without its owner finds a dead mouse in the backyard. Picks it up and drops it, then comes back inside. Decides to show mom a little love and jumps on her lap accidentally licking her in the mouth. Viola. Or a stray cat hair that was near the anus that accidentally gets in the mouth. You get my point.

So what can you do?

Your first line of defense is gargling. Every morning and night, with a microbiome safe mouthwash. Lumineaux and Dr. Ginger's comes to mind if you’re looking for a specific one. I think this could be one of the reasons why there’s been such a rise in gum disease as well as, now, dementia. Along with suppressed immunity, we aren't killing the bad bugs that get in our mouths.

Natural antibiotics are extremely helpful. Cat’s Claw and Neem can eliminate systemic infection. I drink antiviral teas regularly such as the aforementioned two as well as green tea.

Get your health in tip top shape. Vitamin A, D, C are imperative to fighting the bad bugs we encounter on a daily basis. Probiotics build the immune cells that line the gut and they now make them specifically for the mouth. Oral probiotics are good bacteria that crowd out the bad. If we improve our health, gargle with an effective mouthwash and balance our oral microbiome, spirochetes won’t even be a thing. Your body will take care of it for you.

If you have noticed changes or have a family member with onset of dementia, do some research. Try antivirals and probiotics and see if there’s any improvement. You could need traditional antibiotics if you have a pretty bad infection. Talk to your doctor about testing and treatment if your test comes back positive. #Health #Brain #Memory #Alzheimers #Dementia


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