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The Clinton Affair

Did anyone watch this? I only caught a piece of it and to be honest I'm not sure how I feel about it. I've been married for 28 years and as a woman you can't help but think...what if that happened to me one day? I think that question becomes part of a woman's don't fear it on a day to day basis but as all the marriages you started with start crumbling, the question comes to you. And it's no wonder as women we have that question since we are programmed by media, friends, moms and grandmas that pure and cheat.

Thankfully, my marriage is solid but I've had friends who've dealt with this...and it's devastating.

Back to Lewinsky and my conflict. On one hand I think her treatment was unfair. She was vilified to the point where she couldn't be seen in public, couldn't get a real job. I shiver at the unfairness of it all...that he went on with his illustrious career and made his millions while she was relegated to damn near poverty. The feminist in me cries foul.

But the wife in me says, "that's what happens when you sleep with someone else's husband." As women we know some men are weak to the temptation of sex and I say "why make it easy for them?" Respect the sisterhood and leave a married man alone. As women we need to stick together on this one and put an end to this trauma that affects so many women and children...a lost husband to another (often younger) woman. It's getting damn near epidemic.

Further adding to my conflict is that while I'm happy to see Lewinsky finally creating a 'normal' life for herself...she writes for I think Vanity Fair, and I'm sure the monikers of scorned woman, #metoo, victim etc helped her land the job, I feel bad for Hillary Clinton as a woman. As a wife. How awful must it be for your husband's young mistress to now be heralded as a hero and paraded around the internet and news media outlets. As time has dulled the pain from the wound, up she pops to remind you and your family of all you endured, all you forgave and every grit of muster it took to move past it.

While I don't place blame on Lewinsky (it takes two to tango), I do believe that women should respect the sisterhood. It seems casual and fun to you but that's someone's life you're about to destroy and you're about to upset the lives of their children. Stay clear. It's the right thing to do.

I'm glad she's found her voice. I root for anyone, especially a woman who thrives, but I can't help but think of the destruction left in her path. The woman (and the daughter and grandkids) who wake up and see the mistress telling her story. The ridicule, the shame, all over again. That's gotta' suck.

Any opinions?


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