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Sex Workers got hot!!

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Tweeting with Sex Workers & they got mad because I asked if there were programs to transition. I was accused of being a closed minded civilian and told that I was a threat to their industry. They said they loved the work. Which is fine. But I couldn't help but wonder...what if there are some, when asked to choose between sex worker & Small Bus Owner, Hotel Manager, Activist, Artist, would choose something else?

I wondered if there were programs out there to help the ones who didn't want to be in the industry anymore. If you love it, my question wasn't for you. It was for those who chose the profession by default, who wanted something else and if circumstances were different, they'd move on to a different way of making a living. One without threats to their health and safety.

Let's just say they didn't appreciate my approach and things escalated fairly quickly. I'm sure they're used to everyone judging them. I wasn't. I was simply making an observation. Attempting to hold a broader vision for the ones who couldn't hold it for themselves. Anger doesn't help the cause. For any movement to be viable you need buy in from people outside of your group. Because of the stigma, lack of conversation & understanding, #sexworkers run the risk of remaining fringe. It's okay to explore, dialogue and then expand from there.

I don't question anyone's right to choose for themselves. What I question is, is this the role you were intended to play or is there something beyond this? I have my own personal biases against the objectification of women & prefer not to see women in that role because it hurts our move toward equality, but I don't get to choose for another human being. Their journey belongs to them...but I think it's healthy to question. To move the conversation forward. I think it's okay to disagree on things, especially as complex as they are in these modern times, as long as we can acknowledge that somewhere in between just might be the solution we all are seeking.

To your journey,


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