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R Kelly and other Bad Men

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

R. Kelly? This is bigger than R. Kelly. What we should be discussing is how men still feel they have 'rights' to a woman's body. How females are still seen as existing for a man’s pleasure. Until we address that there will be more men like #RKelly & #JeffreyEpstein. Men need to hold themselves and other men accountable. Women need to hold them accountable as well and stop normalizing bad behavior. If you are a cheater, rapist, womanizer, abuser, sexist et al, you should be labeled a pariah. A lot of men I know will read this post...yeah, I'm talking to you.

My next project will discuss this very issue. I've surely had my own experiences with bad men. And while it's a lighthearted read, this is not a laughing matter. I wanted to use it to start a conversation. It's time we all start talking about it and stop making excuses for it. That's not just "Uncle Joe"...that man is a pedophile. You weren't wrong by being in his dorm room late at night...he just raped you. A man cheating is not..."just what men do." That's a man with no self control. He devalues women; sees himself as superior and is not worthy of any time or attention from any woman at all.

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