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Political War...

Sometimes I think if we just pulled our energy away from the political war & just did what we needed to do, society would be a whole lot better. We can encourage people to get out & vote, to be concerned about others, to be proactive with #coronavirus etc. without hate & venom. When people get roiled up & start blaming, they find fault with people, as they find fault, they dislike them, as they dislike them we lose the cooperative spirit that has made America what it is.

Social media has caused us to turn on ourselves. I fear it's a hole we won't dig ourselves out of. It's affecting how we view the world, our health & relationships.. and funny thing is no matter who's in office, the other side will rage against them. It appears as if it will be a way of life from here on out fueled by social media and technology. The effect is... good people won't sign up for the job of president once they know the mob will never be satisfied. And in these complicated times, we need good people.

People now make a very good living... pundits, bloggers, late night show hosts, keeping us in a frenzy and watching us eat our young. As they stir the pot, demonize and use their words to make people into political boogeymen, they get more likes, sell more ads. A recipe for disaster.

We need a level of consciousness with all of this. We're all traveling together on the same road. At the end of the day, no matter our background, we all want the same thing... a peaceful & safe world, hope for a brighter future & food on the table. Let's all work toward that. If we did, the issue of who's in office will take care of itself. My 2 cents.

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