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Minding Our Business...

Updated: Apr 1

Not sure what happened here but from all accounts Zachee Imanitwitaho was the nicest person; always spreading kindness.

One of the saddest traits a human can have is to think that if someone isn't exactly the same, that makes them wrong. It slaps God right in his face...who is the author of diversity. The rose doesn't say to the petunia, "You have no value. You are disgusting. You don't deserve to live because you are not the same as me." Because God is a god of diversity you will never find someone who is exactly the same, yet we attempt to deny others their right to be different.

The trans issue is a big one. A big heartbreaking one. It's okay to say you don't understand. It's okay to say it's different from what you believe.

What's not okay is to deny someone else their humanity.

Every human being has value. And it's been my experience that those who cry out the loudest when they encounter others who are different often have issues with control. Whether it's race, abortion rights, gender identity, religion. Some personalities feel their best when they are forcing others to conform to what they believe.


For one, you'll never be successful. People inherently know they have been given free will to choose for themselves. State your case, but if they don't choose your belief, move on. You can't force anyone.

It's not our job.

Instead, be mindful of the deep-seated, dark place inside of every human being that prefers to discriminate, hate, dominate, make itself superior to others in some way. It's constantly seeking a 'reason' to do it. To be loud, to be ugly. To make some declaration that, 'it' (as in I) is better than those who don't have the same belief.

To evolve, to be spiritual, to just be a plain old good human being means doing the work to transcend all of that. It means minding our own business and understanding we don't get to choose for others. We can shine the light of who we are as bright as we can in hopes that others will choose OUR way, but if they don't, bless them and move out of the way.

The concept of love is just that. That I esteem you, human being, exactly as I esteem myself. In spite of PERCEIVED flaws and frailties that we BOTH have. And I want the highest and best for you...always.

It is possible to become a person like that. That leaves others to figure out this difficult journey of life. To rest in knowing the system is perfect as it is and that no amount of anger or hate will change people's mind about their own life. They have to do it willingly. You rob yourself of precious life energy trying to force them.

The peace that comes from letting something go far outweighs the energy required to hold on to it. There will always be something about this world that doesn't sit well with us. To evolve means to learn to be okay with that.

RIP Zachee


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