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A new law is being proposed in Grand Rapids that will make it illegal to call the cops on Black people simply for them going throughout their day performing normal activities; what our community refers to as #LivingWhileBlack It's a shame that we need a law but we live in a world inhabited by people who are racially biased. People are victims of their own psyche that sounds an alarm whenever it encounters something different. Why? Because the ego relishes it's individuation. It will attempt to exclude everything that is not like itself. Pundits and politicians exploit this inherit human Fox news, Tucker Carlson, DL Hugley, Roland Martin, Donald Trump, build the wall, cops are pigs etc., 'pimping' the narrative that it must be us against them and filling the airwaves with their own agenda, and when we hear it we continue to perpetuate the story. Things like..."all of them are this way," "I must protect myself from all of them because they are monsters," "every encounter will be the same," are very real beliefs to a lot of people. Upon hearing these types of narratives, people never take the time to examine what they believe or why they believe it. They simply operate off the assumption that it's true. It is a 'revolutionary being' who can remain in possession of their own heart and mind and think for themselves in a world that profits off of thinking for us. Fear sells, so the media continues to feed us damaging narratives...."we must fear blacks, latinos, etc." And because people will never stop to genuinely question whether they have experiential evidence for their beliefs, we need this law. Societies work better when they are based on inclusion. It will force people to give others the 'benefit of the doubt' and they will see that just because someone is different, does not mean they need to be alarmed.

Click below to read the article from CNN about a new law being proposed in Grand Rapids:

It may soon be a crime in Grand Rapids to call the police on people of color 'participating in life'

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