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Becoming A Deliberate Creator

Updated: Apr 1

Deliberate Manifestation: The process by which you set an intention and take action to achieve what you want.

I've recently become a visualizer. For years I was kind of lax with the process, doing it here and there but never really committing to it. It was only when I began to study the brain that I got the aha! moment and confirmation that it works!

We are born creators. We were supposed to be deciding what we want and then pursuing it, and then deciding what we want and then pursuing it. And on and on. Our heart, mind and spirit are designed for creation. It's our soul's desire.

Somewhere the process went terribly wrong and we forgot that we have the power to create our lives as we want them. If you find yourself longing for something, that simply means it's a part of your life path and you just need to start the process of manifesting it.

Here's a podcast that will get you familiar with what's on your life path:

Visualization is a big part of the manifestation process. The imagination is where your heart, mind and spirit meet. The command is set during the visualization process. A little science here. Our mind has been designed such that it pays attention to WHATEVER triggers emotion in you. Get happy about something, the mind wakes up and pays attention. Fearful or sad...same thing. The language of the mind is thought. You've probably heard the phrase "thoughts become things."

Desires begin in the heart. The language of the heart is emotion. Feeling deep feelings of any kind makes a deep impression on your mind. Whatever is deeply impressed on your consciousness will manifest in your experience. We automatically do this process all day long with fear, disappointment and other negative events. Each writing a little note on our consciousness all day long. If the impression becomes strong enough, we will experience the manifestation of those, or similar, negative events in our life. It's how the creator designed us as humans. When I learned this, it shifted me big time! I began to be very conscious about dwelling on negative things. #LawOfAttraction

But there's a glorious flipside. And that is...we can intentionally create positive things in our life with the same process. We can start with what we want, and use thought--the language of the mind plus emotion, the language of the heart, to make an impression on our consciousness which will bring about manifestation.

Thought + emotion = manifestation. All of that just means to effectively visualize, think of what you want and this is key...MAKE IT AS DETAILED AS YOU CAN. Fill in colors, sounds, smells, movement. Make it so real that it evokes positive emotion in you. A smile should emerge when you think of your vision. Now you have infused thought with emotion. Sit back and allow your higher mind to get to work on your vision. You'll start to get downloads in the form of ideas, hunches, people to call, places to visit. Whatever impulse you get, act on it. Be persistent in your visualization, carving out time each day, knowing in time your desire will manifest.

Welcome to the real you...intentional, deliberate creator. 😉 ♥


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