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#ApartmentPatty andThe Browning of America

Updated: Oct 16, 2018

Okay. Boy it's time for a conversation. The dividing line between cultures in the United States is reaching a boiling point. I have a message for my white friends:

We are experiencing the 'browining' of America. That means that the population is shifting. The 'majority' now is what was once considered the 'minority.' In other words, white people are rapidly now becoming the minority. It's going to require a shift in your consciousness. It's a new thing to see black people and other minorities in places you haven't seen them in the courses, luxury apartments, in high end neighborhoods selling lemonade...things you've done for years but African Americans typically didn't have access to. Not only have we grown in numbers but we've grown in wealth, education etc, as have other minorities. You will see more and more of us in places you frequent. Once you make the shift in your consciousness from seeing this as something out of place to being normal, it won't be as jarring. To my African Americans friends:

Be patient as they make the shift. Screaming out racism and responding with anger and rage is not going to help anything. Transmute your anger into passion that fuels change. Spark meaningful conversations. Display your own humanity wherever possible in order to tear down stereotypes. This gentleman handled this situation in which he was accosted extremely well. Don't let things escalate to a point where the police show up and something tragic happens like we saw with Bothem Shem Jean. And I will say to people of every culture: don't let stereotypes taint your view of everyone you meet. Evil people come in all races and so do good people. Let your judgement be based on your interaction with a person not your, preeconceived notions of what you think a particular race is and how they behave. Personally, I think that Keyfob Karla was not necessarily racist but a victim of stereotypes. Her current husband ( which she separated from last year ) was bi-racial and identifies as a man of color. She obviously has some affinity toward persons of other races. This is just a reminder of how stereotypes shape behavior. I implore everyone of all races to rise above it. These situations where race, anger and frustration, and the police intersect have can have dire consequences. In this case, she's publicly embarrassed and she lost her job. All over a man just coming home after a hard day at work.

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