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All Lives Matter?

My soul is burdened by the events that happened to Mr. Floyd. That we live in a society where such things are still happening. And in true human form, the debates and division have started. Who was in the wrong? Are protests appropriate? Should we blindly support police? Why should black lives be any more important, don't all lives matter? And whenever there's a person of color involved there's always this underlying theme...that they deserved it.

First...People of all races commit crimes, not just Black people. That is a stereotype.

Second...Deserve to be ARRESTED for a crime is different from deserving to be punished by death without a trial or conviction at the hands of an overzealous cop.

No one deserved to die like that on the street by someone sworn to protect and serve. This was an issue, as with most people now days, of an out of control ego and lack of empathy and human compassion.

People who know me know I'm in the "All lives matter camp." All lives do matter to me. As a humanitarian, I look beyond race, but injustice is injustice. And people who come forward saying "All lives matter" right now are using that as a veiled form of racism. If all lives mattered, you'd call for an end to all unnecessary police violence against citizens which would include you taking a stand for this one, and the next person of Latino, Asian, or Native American heritage. Because you choose NOW to take a stand that "All lives matter," it's a symbol to any thinking person that all lives don't matter to you. Your lack of compassion reveals the very nature of your character...racist, and you are using this to divert attention from the real issue...a man's life was cruelly taken at the hands of police.

Stand in your truth and save us all the trouble.

The complexity of these types of threats to human dignity is something that requires a shift in the consciousness of humanity and that's something that we've only begun to scratch the surface of doing. So for now we fight...we continue to bring awareness to this issue, not as one of racial superiority, but of compassion, reason...and the precious preservation of life knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt, beyond any race or creed, that all lives truly do matter.

The highest reach of injustice is to be deemed just when you are not ~Plato

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Tonya Lampley, Author
Tonya Lampley, Author
Jun 06, 2020

Thanks T for your thoughtful comment. My heart is thrilled as I look around the world. George Floyd's death won't be in vain. It's sad that it took this for people to open their eyes to the humanity of all human beings but a collective shift has happened. Wherever he is right now, I'm sure he's glad.


TT Taylor
TT Taylor
May 30, 2020

I agree “All Lives Matter,” however deflecting from the true meaning or should I say the purpose of “Black Lives Matter” movement indicates a lack of understanding of violence against people of color as well as the systemic racism towards people of color.

As I watched the protest in Minnesota, I was able to see in the people hurt, anger, disappointment, and a cry for help and to be heard by any means necessary. I believe in peaceful protest but if you are simple-minded individual you see only the looting but not the pain & anger expressed.

Leadership is what this nation needs so desperately now but unfortunately we don’t have that. This moment reminds me of when Dr. King…

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