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I believe in the transcendent power of of self, love of God, love of others, to move us beyond dry and unfamiliar places to places of peace, joy and contentedness. I invite you to take a walk with these characters as they uncover this transcendent power and allow it to lead them to a life fulfilled.


The journey is long, my friends. Travel well. ~Tonya



Thank you so much for your visit! Please linger a while and learn about me and my stories. I write about life, love and this journey that we are all on. I explore things like, what happens when things don't work out like you planned, what happens when love hurts and most importantly I tell stories about characters that uncover hidden potential—the potential that lies inside each and every one of us. You won't find a lot of graphic language or explicit sex, but what you will find are characters who look very much like us, doing life and figuring things out as best they can. They encounter obstacles on their journey that challenge them to grow beyond their comfort zone, redefine what is true for themselves and find the life they've been longing for all along.

And at the end of the day... isn't that what we all should be doing?














Promising new author!


"Kudos to you, Tonya Lampley. Not only have you made me a contemporary romance fan, but a fan of your work, as well! "  

~Sarah Barnard 


I loved it! Great read and very well written.  ~Michelle B.



"Indiscretion" contained characters you could get close to, love, hate, and love again... All in all a good book, I would say will run you through all your emotions in one volume.   ~Lisa Hardin





A Taste of Love is definitely a classic love story. It was emotional and entertaining and Tonya drew me in from the start. The ending was good and I truly enjoyed this book. Tonya Lampley is an author to look out for and I will look forward to reading more from her in the future.   ~Anna Black, AAMBC Reviewer


A Good Read


I found myself immediately drawn into the story line. In addition to the two main characters, Lampley throws in a couple of bffs, dealing with aging parents and a trip to Jamaica to keep the story interesting. I wanted to know what would happen with Alex and Daniel....especially after Daniel's secret is exposed.   ~Flashette S., OOSA Online Book Club



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