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Our stories make us who we are...
Will she continue to let the wounds of her past dictate who she is or will she finally embrace the truth?
No matter where Deidre McCall looks in her small Mississippi town she doesn't fit in. Her hair is different, her skin, the color of her eyes. She bears the scar of being other. All she wants is to be accepted, but the kids in town have shown her no mercy. They've nicknamed her Dirty because of her skin tone--a product of her mixed race, leaving her feeling isolated, alone and unworthy. Daily, she dreams of her escape.

She longs to know her father, but he left her when she was just a baby and his whereabouts are unknown. He's never made contact with her. Deep down, she wonders what could be so bad about her that her own father could leave her. Still, she clings to hope of one day finding him.

If there's one bright spot in her life, it's the relationships she has with her mother and her best friend Henry. They constantly assure her of her worth and of her value, even of her beauty. But, their words aren't enough. Struggling with the wounds of her past, on her 18th birthday, she's determined to leave it all behind. She abandons her town's dirt roads and heads for the bright lights of the big city and the promise of happiness it holds. But instead of escaping her baggage, she's carried it all with her. And when life doesn't make sense, the last place in the world you want to be is in New York City.

There she'll discover that while her appearance is valued, even welcomed, it's still not without sorrow and she'll be forced to come to terms with everything she's been so desperately trying to escape.


One careless night and a man's life is changed forever...

Damon Harris wants to be a better man. He's married the ideal woman in hopes it might settle him down. But what do you do when you've married the perfect woman and you just can't find it in your heart to love her? What do you do when the woman you truly love has married someone else? And what do you do when, after making a series of mistakes, you make the biggest one of them all?

Indiscretion is a story of grief, loss, love and hope—and one man's journey to discovering what it truly means to be a man.  



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What happens when things seem too good to be true? 
Alex has got this one in the bag. An admitted control freak, she has planned every move that has led her to this moment. She has worked her tail off for several years as a stockbroker at one of Chicago's most prestigious investment firms and her sacrifice is just about to pay off. She’s about to break the chained hands of the Old Boys Club and join the ranks of senior management. All she is waiting for is confirmation from the board. They invite her to a meeting to hear her ideas on what direction she would like to see the company head in. She welcomes the one last opportunity to dazzle them. Her presentation is all set, she's ready to make the pitch. Piece of cake…
And in walks Daniel. Tall, dark, and handsome. Her heart is captured from the moment their eyes meet, but something about the new hire doesn’t feel right. As time goes on she finds herself reluctantly falling for him and going against every belief that has gotten her to where she is today. Will she surrender to love and plunge head first into the abyss or will she listen to the voice inside that is telling her that if something looks too good to be true, it usually is?

Looking for a lunch hour treat?


Try my short story which won honorable mention in the Writer's Digest Annual Short Story Competition.


Delilah Carmichael is living an idyllic life. She's married to the man of her dreams, her two older children are off to a great start in life and her youngest just left for Stanford. She now relishes the time she has to focus on herself and is looking forward to rekindling the passion that took a backseat for both she and her husband once the responsibility of raising children came. College sweethearts, their love has remained strong all these years, but in the midst of diapering bottoms and business meetings, their focus on each other slipped from the list of priorities. But, with the kids gone, all that is about to change. She's planning a surprise birthday party for the man she loves, to show her appreciation for the man he's been.

The decorations are all set, the caterers will arrive at any moment. What happens next she never saw coming...











Life, love...and the journey


The road seems long, but is relatively short

Seems alone, but never is

Moment to moment we chose

Every choice deeply connected to the others

Forming the tapestry of our lives

Joys, sorrows, disappointments

We wander along cursing the darkness

Seems meaningless until…

The dawn of awakening

Suddenly, it all makes sense

We know exactly why we’re here

We make peace with all things

Knowing we’re exactly where we’re supposed to be

We now know that life is the journey

And through it all we are becoming

And so the path continues…



© 2014 Tonya Lampley